Demo scene for Viktor Modig by William Saar

This demo was developed in a very short time as a lesson in Flash and was meant to be presented by me during a lecture, rather than handed over directly to the user, so it won't respond correctly to all kinds of interactions.

The correct way to execute the demo is: Click on the left side of the screen to walk into the woods. Drag the shovel onto the pile of dirt and dig up the worm. Click on the left side of the screen again to walk back to the market entrance. Click on the right side of the screen to enter the marketplace. Drag the worm from the inventory on top of the screen to the crow in the marketplace to get a coin. Walk back to the market entrance. Give the trickster the coin and play the "cup game".

The story behind the scene is Viktor needs to buy a loaf of bread, but he can only do so if he wins money from the evil gambler. The crow in the marketplace has been so traumatized by events at the dirt pile that he can not dig up his own food, but he can collect coins in the marketplace. Viktor can dig up worms from the dirt pile and trade them for coins that he can bet in the gamble.

The benefit of using a game like the "cup game" in a kids game is that it is based on statistics that let the player continue with the story in just a few attempts even if he is unable to follow the movement of the ball and just chooses the cup on random. The difficulty can also be adjusted by changing the number of cups used in the game.